Thank You!

A very big thank you to all the volunteers who made Vacation Bible school a tremendous success!

 Vacation Bible school is only successful because of the many volunteers who give their time and talent to come help, participate and have fun. We had 55 children attend VBS and 41 volunteers helping! See you next year, maybe shipwrecked on a island?

Our station leaders:

Donna Arnold – Bible Adventures

Bev Camerlengo – Kid Vid Cinema

Julia Dipreta – Soundwave Sing and Play & Funshop Finale

David Girardin – Sound wave Sing and Play & Funshop Finale

Maya Kelly – Sound wave Sing and Play & Funshop Finale

Mary Kroon – Tinker Tots Kindergarten

Caitlyn O’Keefe – Game Maker Sports

Francine Swanson – Snack Factory

Andrea St. Germain – Imagination Station

Barbara Whelan – Spotlight VBS

Our Crew leaders & Assistant Crew leaders and Station Aides:

Rosemary Akin, Sarah Bach, Eilish Dillon, Mary Dillon, Liam Dillon, Caitlin Dowd, Nicole Dragon, McKenna English, Barbara Finnerty, Joey Girardin, Dale Gregory, Daniel Journet, Michael Kornek, Kathryn Kornek, Jenny Kroon, Joey Kroon, Beth Kudarauskas, Will Leonard, Abby Luciani, Dennis Lucier, Ashley-Marie Luke, Michael Manchuk, Tess Martell, Holy Merhi, Roisin O’Brien, Jordyn Pineau, Rachel Pirrotta, Alexis Pirrotta, Caitlyn Reen, Evelyn Ryan, Taytum Trani, Michael Vilcin