Women’s Society

St. Pius X Parish was founded in 1954 and so was the St. Pius X Women’s Guild. The senior women of the parish met in the day time hours to perform spiritual and charitable works for the Parish, the Diocese and the community and to develop, promote and support friendship among the membership.

In 1991 the St. Pius X Women’s Club was founded. The purpose was to allow younger working women to belong to a parish organization that could meet in the evening. Among their goals were personal spiritual  growth, fostering a sense of continuity within the parish and advancing the best interest of St. Pius X Parish.

An organizing committee was formed in 2013 to discuss ways to simplify a merge of the two groups. many hours were given by the representatives of both organizations and were productive in rewriting the by-laws and establishing a new name, the St. Pius X Women’s Society.

The mission is to develop spirituality, friendship and support among members while advancing the interest of St. Pius X Parish.

All ages are welcome, become a member and join other parish women on Monday and Wednesday mornings in the Religious Education Building making crafts for the Summer and Christmas fairs. Membership meetings are held from September to May on the second Tuesday of the month in the Parish Life Center. The time is printed in the weekly parish bulletin. Spring and Fall meetings are early evenings and Winter meetings are early afternoons.

We need you to join the Society so we can continue to grow in friendship and spirituality. Let’s work together to promote the interest of St. Pius X Parish and the St. Pius X Women’s Society.

Madeline Manchuk, President 2014-2017