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For registration information for the  2019-2020 school year please call  (508)394-0709 or email 

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About Faith Formation 

Faith Formation is here to guide and support and strengthen your family’s growth in the Catholic faith.

As parents, you are the primary educators of your children. God calls you to nurture the spiritual growth of your children just as you nurture their physical and mental growth. This responsibility requires you to grow in faith yourselves in order to share that faith with your children – by how you live each and every day.

Our children need to hear us speak about our faith. They need strong role models to show them in word and in deed how faith works in the lives of faith-filled adults. Formation your child receives here is intended to reinforce what is taught and practiced at home, namely:

Mass Participation  God wants us to spend 1 out of the 168 hours He gives us each week at Mass. As Christians, we are obligated to attend Mass each Sunday and on Holy Days. Showing up is the first important step. Participating in the Mass is the ultimate goal!

Prayer is ‘talking with God.’ It can be formal or informal. Prioritize talking to God and about God at least once a day with or in front of your children.

Class Participation is vital in class. This requires respectful behavior and regular attendance.  Parents please review the lesson each week with your child. This helps reinforce what the child has learned, and shows them by example you take an active interest in what they are learning about the faith.

The full schedule of classes and events can be found on the Calendar.

Faith Formation is here to serve you. We are located at 94 Station Avenue, just outside the main entrance of the church. We can be reached at (508) 394-0709 or 

Mrs. Deirdre Journet, Director of Faith Formation & Youth Ministry 

Fr. Christopher Stanibula, Spiritual Director