Women’s Society

St. Pius X Women’s Society

Mission Statement

The mission of the St. Pius X Women’s Society is to develop spirituality, friendship and support while advancing the interests of the St. Pius X Parish community.

St. Pius X Women’s Society welcomes all women of the parish to come join us.  Women of all ages are invited to experience one of our meetings and meet our ladies.  Make new friends, help the parish and grow in spirituality. See how together we can serve God and community.

Women’s Society Rosary

Please click here for check out our “Craft and Gift Sale”.
All proceeds will be donated to the parish.


We have received the list of 39 youngsters who will receive First Communion at St. Pius X in 2021. With the changeover to virtual classes, there was a delay in getting parent’s signatures granting permission for their children’s addresses to be given out, but that is now resolved.

Being a Spiritual Grandmother is not a difficult role – it’s as rewarding to the volunteer as it is to the joyful child. We ask that you send a holiday card or short note each month from December 2020 until First Communion. Please introduce yourself in the first card/note as a member of the St. Pius X Women’s Society.
You may sign your card or remain anonymous. We ask that you pray for your “child” through this period of time and send a birthday card when that day rolls around.

In an effort to have all children treated equally, PLEASE do not send gifts. The Society purchases identical gifts for all First Communicants in our name when they receive the sacrament.

To participant, please email Barbara Finnerty at abfinnerty@comcast.net

Let me know if you prefer a girl or boy and if you are willing to on more than one child. I will send you the appropriate information: name, address, sex, and birthdate by return email.

Thank you for considering this very rewarding opportunity. Please respond within the week, so we can be sure to be ready for Christmas cards. Contact me by email if you have questions.

Barbara Finnerty

October, November Newsletter

Click here for our Summer 2019 Newsletter.

St. Pius X Women’s Society

Executive Board 2020

Sue Eastman President
Jacquie Christensen Vice President
Mary Petruzzi Past President
Eileen Starbird Treasurer
Maureen Clark Recording Secretary
Carolyn Barnes Membership
Cindy Guerin Corresponding Secretary


Virgina Lewis Outreach
Barbara Midura Programs
Carol Bogdan Programs
Betty Barsch Publicity
Annette Fiscina Publicity
Marguerite Ruel Ways and Means
Jane Furey Hospitality
Mary Donahue Hospitality

Sue Eastman, President – smeastman54@yahoo.com
Carolyn Barnes, Membership – lucky7698@icloud.com
Cindy Guerin – Corresponding Secretary – maguerin48@hotmail.com



Hospitality Committee

This committee arranges to have members provide and serve refreshments at our monthly meetings.

Outreach Committee

This committee works to “reach out” to members of the Society, members of the church and members of our community, through various spiritual, ecumenical and charitable endeavors.

Its activities are only limited by the energy and imagination of its members and those willing to help.  The possibilities are endless and we encourage you to come to our first meeting which will be held in late September.  We look forward to an exciting year of “reaching out”.

Programs Committee

This committee arranges topics of interest which are presented at our monthly meetings. 

Publicity Committee

This committee is the communications network of the society.  We are responsible for the Society’s Newsletters, Newsflashes, Membership Brochure and information appearing in the Weekly Parish Bulletins.  We do media placement and creation for the Christmas and Summer Fairs. 

Ways and Means Committee

This committee is responsible for all the fund-raising activities of the Society.  Our two major projects are the Christmas Fair in November and the Summer Fair in July.



Crafters/Mission Group

This group meets on Mondays and Wednesdays in the Religious Ed Center from 8:30 am to Noon. Their purpose is two-fold:  preparing items for sale at our Society Fairs and making items for charitable causes. Some women knit and crochet Baptismal blankets and prayer shawls, decorative items, greeting cards and sewing projects for the fair.

New members are welcome at anytime.  Stop in and visit us from September to the Summer Fair in July.


If you like to bake, we will give you many opportunities.  We also share recipes in our monthly newsletters. We would love for you to join us!

Our Country Cupboard makes jams, jellies and fudges for the Fairs.  No experience necessary,we’d love to teach you how to do it. It’s lots of fun!