St. Joseph’s House

Welcome to St. Joseph’s House meal ministry (formerly called NOAH) of St Pius X of South Yarmouth


(Please note that on November 1, 2016 Catholic Social Services took over the Noah Shelter from Housing Assistance Corporation and renamed it St. Joseph’s House. St. Pius X continues to provide meals on two Sundays a month for the shelter. Please look for future updates to this page.)

St. Pius X Church has been part of the Noah program since February 1988. This was the first time food was delivered to the Noah Shelter in Hyannis by the St. Pius workers. The letters of Noah stand for No Other Available Housing.

Noah is the only shelter on Cape Cod for individuals who are homeless. It is administered under the Individuals Program of the Housing Assistance Program. Noah provides beds, linens, blankets, showers, towels, and morning and evening meals, and is open 365 days a year. Noah operates with paid staff persons. Volunteers from local church and synagogue groups, and social and civic organizations provide evening meals every day of the year.

In April of 1988 a group of St. Pius X volunteers as the A Team. They cooked for Noah Shelter on the third Sunday of each month. Another volunteer group was formed later, which was called the B Team, and they were assigned the first Sunday of the month. Each team continues to cover the first and third Sundays to this day.

A nucleus of volunteers have been with the Noah program since it began, and new volunteers are phased in as needed. Members of the two teams shop for food, prepare, cook, and deliver to Noah Shelter in Hyannis. Dinner providers do not serve the meals as Noah Shelter has other people who perform this service.

Menus are varied, and kept on record each month for future use. The teams cook for approximately sixty five persons. These are samples of some of the menus.

Peach Delight Salad
Hash Brown Potato Bake
Sunshine Carrots
Pineapple Cream Pie

Baked Ham
Scalloped Potato
Mixed Veggies

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