Here is a listing of Parish Ministries.
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Altar Servers : Opportunities are plentiful to assist our ordained ministers at the celebration of the Eucharist. Youth are needed for weekend liturgies; adults are needed for weekday and funeral liturgies.
Children of the parish that have received their First Communion and have completed third grade are encouraged to volunteer for this longstanding ministry. Volunteers will receive instruction and then will be partnered initially with experienced altar servers.
To express your interest and learn more, please return a completed Altar Server Request Form to
Altar Society : The purpose of this ministry is to prepare the parish spaces for liturgical celebrations, especially the Mass. Participants in this ministry prepare and decorate these spaces throughout the liturgical year.
In addition, they ready the various vestments and altar linens used in the parish liturgies keeping these clean, pressed and making necessary repairs.
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Baptismal Preparation:  In our pre-baptismal program, new parents are helped to understand the meaning
and responsibilities of Baptism.
To appreciate their role as the first teachers of their children, they are required to complete the program. God parents and other interested family members are encouraged to attend.
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Finance Council : The purpose of the finance council is to advise the pastor as he undertakes the parish’s financial administration. The Council advises the pastor on the preparation of the annual budget of parish income and expenditures.
It reviews with him the financial status of the parish and prepares the year end report on parish income and expenditure.
Members are selected for their expertise in financial matters and are appointed by the pastor. to top
Lectors : The Lector proclaims God’s Word at parish liturgies. This ministry offers the opportunity to grow in your own appreciation of the importance of God’s Word and its role in your life, as well as to joyfully proclaim that word for others. This ministry is vital to the celebration of Liturgy and implies that the Lector will prepare well for the readings at Mass. Training sessions are held at various times.
For further information, please contact lectors@stpiusxsy.comJunior Lectors: The young people in grades 6– 12 after being trained are invited to be Lectors at our 9:00 Family Mass.
For further information, please contact stpiusxfaithformation@comcast.netto top
Parish Library : Located in the Religious Education Building. All are welcome! Library hours are Tuesday and Wednesday
from 10:00 A.M. – 12 Noon except in July and August.
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Meals for St. Joseph’s House : St. Joseph’s House is a shelter in Hyannis for homeless individuals. Being the only shelter for individuals on the Cape, it provides not only a bed and two meals daily, but also access to housing and employment advocacy, medical,
substance abuse and mental health services.
The Meals program has two teams that provide dinner on the first and third Sundays of every month. Members plan, shop, prepare, cook, and deliver the meals to the shelter.
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Ushers/Greeters/Collectors : These ministers of hospitality greet parish members and visitors as they arrive at our liturgies.
They find available seating when it seems scarce, open a windows when the air inside gets stuffy or shut a windows when the outside air is too cold, generally tending to the comfort of those celebrating with us. At the offertory of the mass, they also collect our gifts.
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Parish Newsletter : The St. Pius X Parish News is a quarterly newsletter published by the parish. It contains articles and pictures from our many parish organizations and ministries. The letter is mailed to our registered parishioners.
This mailing is prepared by a dedicated team of parish volunteers. The staff is always looking for writers, poets, and photographers.
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Welcome to the St Pius X Mission HelpersWe meet weekly on Wednesdays in the Religious Education building to knit or crochet items such as:  Gloves, hats, mittens, scarves, face cloths. Also send sheets for different bed sizes and crib and bassinet.Also soaps, lotions, shirts in good condition.
For further information, please call (508) 398-2248 to top
Prayer Shawl Ministry:  The Prayer Shawl Ministry is always looking for people who can knit or crochet in order that shawls can be given out freely. This ministry fulfills the need for distributing personalized, blessed shawls for the sick within our local and extended community and also our church family.
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Special Ministers of the Eucharistic : They assist the ordained ministers in the distribution of the Eucharist at parish liturgical celebrations. These ministers also bring this sacrament to parishioners confined to hospital, nursing home, or their homes. Before being commissioned by the pastor, Eucharistic ministers should have completed training approved by our bishop for this ministry. Typically, these ministers assist a few times each month at parish liturgies.
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Women’s Guild :
 We merged with the Women’s Club to form the Women’s Society in September 2014. Please check back for updates. to top
Youth Ministry : High School age young people are engaged in a variety of activities in the parish, social, spiritual and service related, in an effort to become more deeply involved in the life of the parish as they are finding their place in the Body of Christ. Youth Ministry organizes several events throughout the year with the planning, through, with and by the young people. There are also other ways that teens can participate in parish life as; Altar Servers, Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers and Catechists or
Aides in Religious Education.
There are opportunities for adults to help plan and organize the youth programs. Collaboration with the young people is important to help them grow as parish leaders.
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Rite of Initiation for Adults:  The R.C.I.A. is a two-fold process by which a parish grows and renews itself. First, it is a process for:
• those who have never been baptized.
• those who have been baptized as a Catholic but have had no formal religious education in the faith.
• those who have been baptized in a non-Catholic faith and now wish to learn about the Catholic Church.
Through regular sharing sessions these individuals are given the opportunity to explore Catholic doctrine, tradition and the Scriptures with the possibility of becoming full participating members of the Catholic Church. Secondly, the presence of adults seeking full(er) communion with the Church is a way for a parish to renew itself in its long-held faith and practice.
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