Who are DYECH?

The Dennis Yarmouth Ecumenical Council for the Prevention of Homelessness (DYECH) is a group of area Christian parishes who are committed to preventing homelessness. DYECH conducts  a  number of fundraising activities such as the sale of Cape Caring Cards (formerly known as “Food Certificates”) at churches, auctions, golf tournaments, jazz concerts, and Christmas concerts.  The money is then turned over to Housing Assistance Corporation to ensure that the monies are spent in assisting families to avoid becoming homeless. DYECH has been very successful and has raised over a million dollars to date.Meetings are on the last Tuesday of each month in the St. Pius X Parish Life Center at 7 P.M. We are always seeking new volunteers and new ideas to assist us.

How can I help?
Purchase cards after weekend Masses in the Narthex for

your own shopping needs.  Cards are available for the following stores in various denominations from $10 to $100.Shaws
Stop & Shop
Ring Brothers
Dennis Public Market
Dunkin Donuts
Ardeo’s Restaurant
99 Restaurant

Start a habit – save a home!

Homelessness comes in all sizes

Can I make a donation if I prefer?
Yes, you can support this very worthwhile program by making donations directly to the St. Pius X Homeless Fund/DYECH.

Can I buy cards for gifts for people to use off-Cape?
Yes, cards make great gifts for college students and elderly relatives and neighbors.  They can be used at any participating store location.

Please participate in this St. Pius X stewardship opportunity. Together we can make a difference.  Let’s make it a habit to help.

“Whatsoever you do for the least of my brethren…”

How do I geDYECHt started?
Estimate the cost of your weekly or monthly food budget
Purchase a card for that amount for your favorite store(s) with cash or a check made out to St. Pius X Homeless Fund.  Cards are available in the Narthex after weekend Masses, at the rectory on Tuesday thru Thursday.
Use your card to buy your groceries or CVS purchases or to enjoy a meal at Ardeos restaurant.
Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you helped to keep a family in their home.Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you helped to keep a family in their home.
Yes, it’s that easy!

Your card keeps its value and there is no expiration date.

DYECH is able to purchase these cards at a 5% discount, so when you pay face value, that 5% is returned to DYECH and donated to the Homeless Prevention Program of HAC.

What will it cost to participate?
It costs you nothing to use the cards and you give your neighbors a helping-hand—a chance to stay in their homes in a time of crisis.

 For further information, please email dyech@stpiusxsy.com